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11 Guiding Principles

The co-op follows the 11 Guiding Principles:

1) To co-operatively provide and maintain good housing and community services for members at costs they can reasonably afford.

2) To educate and involve members in planning, development, and management of all aspects of the co-operative.

3) To optimize use of available land, while, at the same time preserving the natural aspects of the environment.

4) To provide individuals and members with freedoms and privacy while maintaining standards and regulations agreed upon.

5) To lease housing to members on a non-profit basis.

6) To provide member residents with security of tenure comparable (within the context of co-operative responsibility) to that of private ownership.

7) To create a community in which people can live comfortably regardless of income, age, or ethnic background.

8) To create a community which seeks to promote mutual understanding, respect for privacy, and the responsibility of members to carry out duties involved in a functioning co-operative.

9) To take into consideration the needs of persons with disabilities.

10) To maintain a secure and responsible financial position.

11) To support the co-operative philosophy and maintain communications with other co-operative organizations.

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